Jennifer and Joe’s wedding was packed with children.  All were little nieces and nephews of the bride and groom.  I love photographing children so naturally during the ceremony I was drawn to their expressions.  Yes, I did pay attention to the bride and groom as well.  Don’t worry, I have loads of images of the two of them exchanging vows and rings and all that good stuff that makes you cry at at a wedding.  But how many times do the wedding ceremony pictures make you laugh?  As I was going through the images from the day I started to chuckle.  Not a little giggle, I mean a real, live belly laugh.  What I had captured during the ceremony was a story of children trying to behave in church.  Ants in the boys pants, shushing the babies, flower girls with crushes on the groom, and a few boogers that came at just the right time for formal pictures.  Surprisingly, no tears!  Which one is your favorite child moment?

Oh, and you’ll need to scroll to the bottom to find out why the flower girls are giggling….

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Cer172Cer63-2 Cer64 Cer72 Cer83 Cer89 Cer92 Cer93 Cer94 Cer119 Cer124 Cer131 Cer141 Cer145 Cer147  Cer174 Cer201 Cer206 Cer222 Cer259  Cer346Cer164So thee it is… she was so giddy because Joe came over and kissed her on the forehead.  How adorable is that?


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