I’ve been asked this in so many ways so many different times.  What is my best shot?  favorite picture?  best photo? do you have a favorite picture of your family?  I struggle to answer.  It changes from week to week, day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute.  My favorite pictures tend to be those that are expressive & spirited.  Pictures that tell a story about what is going on.   This week my favorite picture was taken with my Iphone at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville.  It is of Eli (2) all dressed up from head to toe in ski gear.  He’s holding his skies and looking right at me with this great little smirk on his face.  Just before I took the picture he said, ‘I want to hold my skies, I want to do it all by myself.’  Most of the time the things he’d like to do by himself are not allowed:  play with knives, plug in electrical appliances, toast his own bread, turn the heat up in the house, change his own diaper.  You get the picture.  So when Eli asks to do something ‘all by himself’ he rarely hears a yes.  Today, when I handed him those skies he was absolutely BEAMING!  That’s when I snapped the picture.  No way is it my ‘BEST PICTURE’ but it is by far my favorite right now.


My favorite picture


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