How many times have we all heard, Mom can we get a dog? I mean really, even if you HAVE a pet you can pet I’m sure you hear it. Kids love puppies. OK, let’s be honest, everybody loves a cute furry puffball! We finally caved and said YES to Skipper.

We’ve had Skipper for about a month and a half and have loved every second of him! Minus than the few nights he spend crying in the crate… the fact that he pees when I turn on the vacuum… and the poop we all need to clean up that is.

I’m afraid to disappoint you all, he isn’t a doodle. No Goldendoodle, no Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle, or Beredoodle. He’s just a regular standard poodle. We may even train him as a therapy dog. Let me know if you have any advice on that one! Skipper is very calm and so far his special talents include sitting on command and chewing through leashes. He came from an awesome breeder in Ft. Erie called Guarded Luck Kennels. I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Tyler if you are thinking about a calm, smart, non shedding puppy in your future!


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