This is one of the first times I’ve shot a family photo session at the Market Arcade building in sunny Buffalo.  I loved it!  None of us were sure if the session was going to happen or not because of the ‘Snowvember’ storm but I’m so glad we pulled it all together!

This family was so great to work with!  Twins are always fun to work with and this group was no exception.  They couldn’t stop smiling, laughing, playing and just being plain old goofy four year olds.  I love the greeny hazel-y eyes on both of them, so adorable.  The last time I photographed this family the children were only 2 years old and we had to bribe them with goldfish.  This year’s bribes?  belly button stickers!  It worked this time but I’m thinking I may have to come up with something better for our next session together.   Hummmmmm…..

I hope you enjoy the slideshow as much as I do!

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