Planning a photo session takes skill.  Location, timing, dates, weather, outfits, a buy in from your spouse, a bribe for your children… no matter how much you plan it will never/ always be perfect.  Let’s just take Location and Timing for example…

Location: is it muddy?  sunny? too windswept?  interesting?  dangerous?  crowded? is there construction?  is there another 5K going on at that spot?  is there parking available? can dad make it there after work in time before the sun sets?

Timing: When are the kids in the best moods?  When is the photographer available?  Is it going to be light enough?  Can Dad make it there after work?  Is rush hour going to set our drive time back?  Is there an after school activity that night, should we skip it?

ALL of these considerations went into planning this session with this family of 5.  Mom had some fab ideas for outfits, the kids were set to go.  We arrived at Delaware Park and as you may have guessed things were not all going our way.  We had a sick child on hand and there was a strong prediction of rain.  BUT WE HAD WORKED SO HARD TO GET IT ALL TOGETHER.  Or I should say mom worked so hard to get it all together.  So instead of being quitters we bribed the little guy and then crossed our fingers with the rain forecast.  (A good tip from me: always bring bribes for photo sessions. : )  )  To sum it up an hour later our feet were soaking and everyone was smiling.  We compressed a 60 minute session into about 25 and made it work.  I LOVE these photos, I hope you do too!1_ts_web_erin-f-photography 9_ts_web_erin-f-photography 13_ts_web_erin-f-photography 22_ts_web_erin-f-photography 32_ts_web_erin-f-photography 65_ts_web_erin-f-photography 69_ts_web_erin-f-photography





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