I’ll begin by saying Eli uses the gift I got him every day.

Every summer Eli’s birthday rolls around in August and I’m stressed for gift ideas.  Partly because it is the middle of summer and so ‘summer’ items are on my mind and partly because we are involved in lots of summer stuff (check out the video below and you’ll see how much fun Tessa and Eli have during their summers). For this reason Tessa’s spring birthday seems to be easier to buy for. (Usually I just get her a pass for her favorite sewing class).  Water balloons, sprinklers, rope ladders, ice cream tickets, swim trunks, tents, frisbees and flip-flops. To be honest it doesn’t take much to have a great summer in Buffalo and he already has all of that stuff.  A bike, some source of water fun, hot dogs and a ball pretty much is all my  8 year old could ask for.  I don’t like just buying him something because it is his birthday.  I’m more apt to make a thoughtful purchase of a toy, game or good book without a specific holiday attached.  With that being said it IS his eight birthday and everyone enjoys opening presents on their birthday, right?!  Last summer I surprised Eli the morning of his 7th birthday with a professional massage. He loved it!  30 minutes in a spa and he still talks about it as if it were the greatest day of his life.  I could probably do that again… but I didn’t.

This year I went onto Amazon and got him a silk pillowcase. Yup you heard me correctly A SILK PILLOWCASE for my 8 year old.  Immediately his sister was jealous of course.  Neither of them had heard of such a thing.  They went through the PillowPet phase but a smooth slippery shiny silk pillow case wasn’t even on their radar. I have to say it was a perfect gift.  Unexpected. Not necessary. And it gets used every night!

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