Buffalo senior portrait I barely know where to begin with this session post.  My instinct was to write about ‘the look’ you know like Blue Steel in Zoolander, this senior totally had it down.  Now that I’m in here writing I think I’m going to change directions.  This high school senior portrait post is going to be about one of my favorite communities in Buffalo,  the Music Together Family.  If you are a parent of a young child you’ve probably been to a class or two.  Before Tessa and Eli were in school full time we filled our days doing fun things like walking to the Buffalo Zoo, visiting the Science Museum and going to Betty’s Music Together class every week.  Our day was Wednesday morning and we’d go to the Harlem Rd. Community Center.  Now, if you know me or my husband Mike we are not musically oriented. That means dancing in this house is off beat, singing is off key and there is not a single musical gene in our code.  I feared what most parents do, my children will have the same weaknesses as I.  So I religiously went to Betty’s Music Together for years.  Now, I’d love to say that Tessa is opening for Taylor Swift and Eli started his own band.  Not happening!  They aren’t.  But what they do love is singing and dancing around to all of the great Music Together CD’s we’ve collected over the years.  We love using them for spontaneous dance parties at home and long road trips.  So what does Music Together have to do with this Williamsville Senior portrait session?   His mom is Betty, THE Betty from Betty’s Music Together.  Thank you for all of the wonderful memories!


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