These two beautiful babies were set to be photographed within days of being born.  Sadly, my children got a touch of the stomach bug so we had to reschedule.  At first, I was disappointed in the fact they’d be almost 3 weeks old by the time I met them and photographed them.  We all know how quickly they grow!  I was a bit nervous, newborn babies change almost over night.  Let me tell you why I was nervous.  Typically, newborns (we’re talking 1-3 months)  are awkward to photograph.  First, they have no control over their arms.  They just flail about.  Secondly, they get cross-eyed all the time.  Not a good look for anyone!  Third, they are more aware of their surroundings and are likely to fuss a bit longer.  Lastly, babies around 5 weeks old can get acne!!!  EEEEK!  I thought it was tough to photoshop a pimply teenager but newborns can be just as difficult to edit. The session went wonderfully, both of the babies were a bit more alert than the typical 5 day old newborn.

Despite my fears, the session went wonderfully!  I arrived and all of the children were set and ready to roll.  Oh, did I mention that there is an ‘older’ sister as well.  She isn’t even two yet!  Talk about a busy household, right?!  The babies had beautiful skin, only gave me that cross eyed look once or twice, and they kept their arms to themselves (mostly).  They loved the heated blanket but didn’t fall fast asleep when we fed and swaddled them- this trick is something that 5 day olds fall for all the time.  So we just photographed them awake.  They were great, love all the expressions we got.  A sleeping newborn only gives one expression.  ZZZZZZZZZZZ    These twins were full of personality and the photos reflect their individuality.  Check em out!

Thank you thank you thank you for a great session~






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