Photographing newborns is always and adventure.  Some babies are awake the entire time, others sleep the entire session.  (Like this one)  I can be prepared with all of the soothing equipment… a white noise machine, warm house, cozy blanket, paci, swaddle, but some babies just don’t want to sleep.  This perfect little gal was one of them.  Maybe her parents and I were too much fun and she didn’t want to miss out?  (In my family we call this FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out.)  I have to admit it was pretty wonderful spending time with Sara and Jason.  We even got her to laugh-

6479There were a few moments of tears.  But these new parents got through them like champs!  At day 10 with this new little one they were like professional shushers, swingers, swaddlers, and they even had loaded up the Pandora ‘White Noise’ station.  LOVE IT!55


Our session together was filled with fun stories.  These youngsters met during an Americorps  stint a few years ago.  I know this is hard to believe but they met before they were 21 years old!!!  You’re talkin to a gal who’s husband was over 40 when we got married so to me this seems nearly impossible.  Clearly, they found true love just look how happy they are!  Simply adorable, right?




Did I mention how I met Sara in the first place?  She and her family run one of my favorite print shops in the whole world!  I Print From Home  They are located in Kenmore, NY  just a few miles from my home.  They offer high quality professional printing and are huge supporters of our local artist community.  Bust seriously, why do I love them?  I mean, there are a million printers out there in the world.  One think makes them stand out from the rest.  The customer service.  I’ve referred several clients to them and no matter if it is a single 8×10 or a huge batch order this team is sure to support their customers 110%.  My customers love them and so do I.

Enjoy the slideshow!





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