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I first got to photograph this family of five about a year ago at Delaware Park.  This time we were planning on going over to Gallagher Beach a place where the family visits often.  Why not, it is right down the street?!  As the day for our session approached we looked at the weather.  80 and sunny.  Can’t complain about that, right?!  Well… it was 80 and it was sunny but the forecast was also calling for 25mph winds.  Gallagher Beach, or any beach for that matter,  isn’t exactly the most protected area from the wind.  We looked at the calendar but with dance, school, and family commitments we decided that this was the best day to photograph the family.  I scoped out the location before meeting up with everyone.  I had my fingers crossed that the winds would die down and we’d have this perfect peaceful picnic setting.  No such luck.  So instead of the beach we headed across the street to the grassy hills of Tifft Nature Preserve.  I love the texture and the sense of adventure this location brings to a family photo session.  The girls were excited about being somewhere new, I was excited about a little reprieve from the 25 mph winds that day.   

I’m always surprised at the variety of images I’m able to capture in an hour long family photo session.  Then I thought about it.  It isn’t me. It is all about the preparation by the parents.   I owe the parents a huge hug and a big thank you.  There is always a little grumpiness, a little hesitation, a little bickering (especially between siblings) in a photo session.  Think about it, preparing for a family photo session is stressful.  Many times dad has been at work all day.  Kids have been out doing something fun.  Mom calls them in and says put on these clothes (they probably are new and scratchy) brush your hair (enter The Wet Brush), hurry we are going to be late, we are going to have our photos taken.  The kids are saying WIFM*?  Mom you take our photo all the time with your phone.

The child’s hand goes up, ‘Mom I don’t want to do this!’

Mom thinks, ‘I’ve set up the time, location, and your outfits, WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS AND IT IS GOING TO BE FUN.’  I know this thought because when I photograph Tessa and Eli it is what I say to myself.

Fortunately for me these two loving parents did not have any stress on the day of our photo shoot.  Their calm cool attitudes were integral to the success of the portrait session.  These three beautiful girls arrived jumping out of the car with excitement over having their photo taken.  How’d they do it?  I have no idea but whatever it was everyone was happy, joyful and kind!  Maybe Karyn (mom) could write a blog post on how to prep children for a photo session.  She did a perfect job and the photos reflect that.
I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did!



*What’s in it for me.


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