I’m always looking for sibling photo session ideas.  I get questions like these all the time:  Do you put them in matching shirts and pants?  What are the perfect ages to do a sibling photo session?  Where should we have the photo session?  Well, these brothers and their mother nailed everything! 

First, the boys have the most AMAZING blue eyes and their outfits were suited to bring them out even more.  Nope, they aren’t matchy – matchy but the shirts do coordinate perfectly.  Don’t you agree?   Secondly, I arrived just as the younger one awoke from his morning nap.  I had a few minutes to check out the house for possible shooting locations and had a little time to play helicopter with the older brother.  After everyone got comfortable with me we got started.  I couldn’t have asked for better models.  They were respectful, loving, caring, playful, well fed and rested and most importantly…. TICKLISH!  They were such a fantastic pair I had a hard time leaving after my mini-session was up.  I had so much fun!  I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did!!!!53


three year old posing children two brothers


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