A few things that I know about Katarina:  she is an amazing ski instructor, she has dual citizenship, she had my MOM as a kindergarten teacher and she never stops smiling.  It was such a treat for me to shoot her senior portraits.  The best part was that she couldn’t stop smiling, giggling and laughing.  I’m telling you it was TOUGH for her to stop smiling!  She is just so darn happy and we worked really hard to get those ‘non-smiling’ shots.  Even then I felt lucky to get one or two.  Actually, after looking at all of her images, I’m pretty sure I like the super smile-y ones anyway.

After spending more time with Katarina I can see why people like her.  She brings a beautiful positive energy where ever she goes and she has a great laugh. My wish is that we can all be more like Katarina and never stop smiling.  Maybe that is something she learned in kindergarten?

Many thanks again for your time!  Enjoy!

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71 54For this senior portrait session we were at Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo as well as Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY.


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