We started off planning some time at the beach for a photo session.  We were to meet up at 8AM for several reasons… kids were in good moods at that time, the regular crowd of beach goers weren’t around yet and lastly because lighting in the morning is great in wide open spaces.  So after a few games of chase and some splashing in the water these to cutie pies were wiped out.  I stuck around for a few more minutes to say hi and socialize with all of the adults and voila a magical photo session happened.  The sandy, wet tuckered out boys were handed ice-cream sandwiches.  (I’m guessing it was about 9AM.)  My favorite shots of this session just appeared.  I’d love to say it was my idea.  I’d love to say that I MADE this picture.  But I didn’t.  I owe it all to the Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa who were willing to keep me around for a few extra minutes and give their children ice-cream sandwiches at 9AM!  YOU GUYS ROCK!  I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did.  Thank you for being those fun relaxed parents that made this session a success.


everyday snapshot
two year old beach natural beach kids




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