Winter Fun!

  You could sip hot chocolate, read a book, ski, snowboard, make a fire, snowshoe, hike or go sledding on a weekend winter day.  Last Saturday we stepped out of the ordinary weekend winter life and created a great set of family photos. I loved shooting this...

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Three Happy Campers

Planning a photo session takes skill.  Location, timing, dates, weather, outfits, a buy in from your spouse, a bribe for your children... no matter how much you plan it will never/ always be perfect.  Let's just take Location and Timing for example... Location: is it...

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An Evening at Shea’s Performing Arts

Why not clear Shea's out for a family photo session?  Why not have the place all to yourself?  Why not get all dressy and doled up (inlcuding bright red lipstick) and head out for a photo session?  Add a little glitter and glamor to these three girls and you have the...

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Just the Five of Us

So Happy!  This crew of five was hoping for a few good shots and a few good shots is what we got!  I'm bummed we couldn't get the pup (golden doodle) in the frame but maybe next year...

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Twenty Minute Dash

Who knew what twenty minutes could produce with this family?!  Not only are they cute and fun-loving but they outfit choices are amazing.  Not too matchy-matchy but casual and coordinated. Perfect for any family photo session....

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Hamburg Family Shoot

It isn't very often I get to photograph giant groups.  I tend to be more of an immediate family kinda photographer.  In this case Carol of Carol Schaper Interiors called me a few months in advance to set up a large group session.  She had a great gathering planned and...

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A Little Sunshine

You may not be reading this post on the exact day I write it so I'm going to describe it to you.  It is October.  I woke up to pitch black at 7AM, low clouds are making it difficult for the sun to brighten the day, dead leaves are blowing around, it generally looks...

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Inspiration Outfits

Love how these families dressed for their mini sessions!  Why do I love it?  Layers, they have all layered the outfits, denim jacket, hair bows, scarf, necklaces, they all work to bring more texture to the images.  Also the tones of the outfits all work together....

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They’re Not From ‘Round Here (family portraits)

This family of four came up from sunny Florida to visit sunny Buffalo and in their short visit I was lucky enough to catch an hour of their time for a photo shoot.  We were hoping for some fall colors but sadly, it ended up being a bit of an Indian Summer here.  So we...

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