Open Bic North American Photos

Here is a link to the photos for the open bic regatta 2018.   Use the password: BCC   Download as many as you'd like and enjoy! Erin   All images are free!! If you'd like to donate funds to support more free images I'll set up a link SATURDAY!...

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Growing Up

When I photograph families I typically see them out and about in town every 1-2 years.  Wegmans. Delaware Park. Canalside. Outer Harbor.  You really never know.  I always have a surprised look on my face when I see the children since it is likely they have grown and...

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These Girls

I never know what age is my favorite to photograph.  Is it the super stylish seniors?  Is it the squishy wrinkly newborns?  Is it the grumpy 2 year old with a sassy older sister?  Honestly, I'm not sure.  I think my favorite age to photograph children is the ages of...

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Senior Portraits Class of 2019

So why are senior portraits such a big deal?  Senior portraits when I was a senior was shlepping to school on one special day where a photographer would set up a 'studio' in the gymnasium for a few hours.  I prepped for this session with a floral dress, spiral perm,...

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UN-scheduleing of the Feuerstein Family

Come on! Hurry up! We gotta go!  Where's your ______ (hat, cleats, uniform, goggles, shoes, glasses, coat..)?  We'll eat in the car.  No, you can't play with the neighbor we have XXX and XXXX and XXXX tonight.  The over scheduling.  We've all done it to ourselves and...

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Engaged! Jeff and Chelsea

Nothing says Buffalo like a little snow... This adorable couple no longer lives in WNY but they were in town for the holidays.  We were all really excited when a huge snowfall covered the ugly brown mud.  A blanket of beautiful, pristine white snow covered all of...

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Perfect Gift For a 7 Year Old Boy

I know, I know I was supposed to post this BEFORE the holidays.  BEFORE all of you hemmed and hawed over what gifts to buy for your children.  What gift is truly something they will appreciate and enjoy and doesn't add another layer of brightly colored plastic to your...

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More Mini Sessions Offered 2017

Mini sessions are the perfect solution to the holiday card dilemma.  Just a few snaps and smiles and you're on your way.  You'll be presented with 10 unique images and from there you can decide which package you'd like.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Sessions will be...

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Cobblestone District Meets Fashion

Now THIS was a fun shoot at the cobblestone district!  We wandered in and out of Silo City area and across a few bridges and  around the corner to discover the best of what the cobblestone district has to offer.  Every year these three young ladies get more and more...

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2 Kids 2 Dogs and a Big Backyard

2 Kids 2 Dogs and a Big Backyard that is what Hamburg living is all about.  White picket fences, smiling faces and a sunny day is everything I had to be grateful for a few weeks ago when I photography this family.  I had actually forgotten how much my little guy Eli...

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