Chelsea and Jeff’s Wedding It was a real challenge for me to find just a few images to represent this beautiful couple's wedding day.  Every moment was magical.  Every detail simple and perfect.  Hopefully you enjoy this peek at just a few of the...

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Sweet Baby Girl

What could be more beautiful than a welcoming a new little one into this world?  I got to meet this perfect family of three (four if you include the four legged friend) a few weeks ago and document a few moments at home together.  I have to say this was a set of...

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A Perfect Smile: Senior Portraits

Introducing one of my favorite new clients Isabelle.  She has an amazing ability.  **** If she smiles, you have to smile back.  **** Her eyes are genuine.  Her smile is smart. She is just simply put a beautiful girl!  Thanks for a super awesome session!...

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The Perfect Gift for an 8 Year Old Boy

I'll begin by saying Eli uses the gift I got him every day. Every summer Eli's birthday rolls around in August and I'm stressed for gift ideas.  Partly because it is the middle of summer and so 'summer' items are on my mind and partly because we are involved in lots...

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Fashion Lab Meets Erin F Photography

A few months back I wrote about my daughter Tessa's experience with sewing and fashion designing at Fashion Lab.  Over the past year Owner/ Founder Arlene Kaye  of Fashion Lab and I have stayed in touch in hopes of a future collaboration.  Well it finally happened!  A...

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Open Bic North American Photos

Here is a link to the photos for the open bic regatta 2018.   Use the password: BCC   Download as many as you'd like and enjoy! Erin   All images are free!! If you'd like to donate funds to support more free images I'll set up a link SATURDAY!...

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Growing Up

When I photograph families I typically see them out and about in town every 1-2 years.  Wegmans. Delaware Park. Canalside. Outer Harbor.  You really never know.  I always have a surprised look on my face when I see the children since it is likely they have grown and...

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These Girls

I never know what age is my favorite to photograph.  Is it the super stylish seniors?  Is it the squishy wrinkly newborns?  Is it the grumpy 2 year old with a sassy older sister?  Honestly, I'm not sure.  I think my favorite age to photograph children is the ages of...

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Senior Portraits Class of 2019

So why are senior portraits such a big deal?  Senior portraits when I was a senior was shlepping to school on one special day where a photographer would set up a 'studio' in the gymnasium for a few hours.  I prepped for this session with a floral dress, spiral perm,...

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