Hello there!  You know there are some amazing secret gardens in Buffalo but this has to be one of my favorites.  It is perfect for a family photo session!  Small, shady even in the middle of the day.  There are stairs, columns, little walkways plus its gated so none of my subjects can escape.  During this session I discovered it had an added benefit… protection from a little sprinkle of rain.  Not that I’d wish a rainy day for a photo session but I have to say, even in the rain these photos turned out pretty well.  It helped that I had such adorable subjects, fun Mom, patient Dad and two hams who LOVED the camera.

The children had a whirlwind tour starting from home in California and traveling across the country with a quick stop in Buffalo to visit Grandma and Grandpa (and see their favorite photographer).  I could tell they were tired but they held it all together for our photo session.   I owe a HUGE thank you to those two kiddos- they could’ve completely melted down but instead we had a wonderful time together!


Enjoy the slideshow!


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