I know, I know I was supposed to post this BEFORE the holidays.  BEFORE all of you hemmed and hawed over what gifts to buy for your children.  What gift is truly something they will appreciate and enjoy and doesn’t add another layer of brightly colored plastic to your living room floor.  The legos, the K’nex, the puzzles, Snap Circuits, the magic kit, and don’t even get me started on the experiment boxes. I’m aways looking for the gift that will add enjoyment to our family time.  Sometimes it comes in the form of a game.  Monopoly has dominated 2017 but Clue was a big hit over Christmas break!  Sometimes it is in the form of a building or craft project.  Sometimes this comes in the form of my children being able to entertain themselves quietly in a corner.  The gift that Eli loved this year for his summer birthday fit none of those categories.  NONE.  The one thing that this seven year old really loved was a 30 minute massage.  It seems obsurd when I say it out loud.  I think I must have been at least 30 before I went in for a professional massage, and even then it was at a discounted rate at the NYS Institute of Massage.  I’m not kidding the kid LOVED this experience.  I called the spa and got a 9AM appointment.  We arrived bright and early and he climbed onto the massage table which to his enjoyment was heated.  The therapist came in and introduced herself and offered a variety of scents.  Eli naturally chose my favorite, lavender.   The therapist put on some soothing music and to my surprise the little guy didn’t move or speak for the full 30 minutes. Anyone with a 7 year old boy will probably not believe me but it is true.  When it was all said and done Eli gave me a giant hug and said it was the best present ever.  The only problem was the next question… when can we do it again?!!

If you opt NOT to indulge your child with a massage here are a few links to the toys I mentioned above.  Full disclosure-  you purchase them through the link I do get a (small) amount of $$.  Thank you in advance!


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