… Notes about the Wedding…

Meesh and Tom met in high school

She was at Holy Angles

He was at St. Joes

Tom was a coxie

The nickname Meesh has been with Christina since childhood.  It translates to ‘teddy bear’ in Polish (Miś).

There were a total of 5 groomsmen who were siblings to the bride and groom.

It was a perfect day for a wedding.

Pretty sure the church was air conditioned.

Twinkle lights and and outdoor dance floor- SUCCESS!

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Started the day off with the groomsmen at the Barton Hill Hotel in Lewiston.  From there we went off to meet Meesh and the rest of the wedding party at St. Mary of the Cataract in Niagara Falls.  Then to Fort Niagara for some outdoor photos of the entire wedding party.  Finally to the beautiful Niagara Falls Country Club for a splendid evening of dinner and dancing.   Many thanks to my second shooter Aleksey from Aleksey K Photography for a great evening and some amazing photos.


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