Hello all!  So many times I get the question about where to take family photos in Buffalo.  Well, to answer this question I’ve decided to post a few images.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?!   I’ll cover : Albright Knox Art Gallery, Delaware Park, Tifft Nature Preserve, The Historical Society, Japanese Gardens, The Cobblestone District, Buffalo Canoe Club, Buffalo Yacht Club, and Nichols School Campus.

Each family is different and each style is different, where do you picture your family?  Do you have any other suggestions for locations in Buffalo?  Leave a comment below!

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We’ll start off at the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo.  This location is wonderful because is provides a clean slate for your family photos. The milky white backdrop is a perfect complement to any outfit choices.  Your child’s personality will be the center of focus in each of the images.  As an added bonus lots of the little ones I’ve photographed at the art gallery are intrigued by the steps and the colossal columns.  They play hide and seek, race me and always find a need to dance a little. No mud to avoid, no random dogs photobombing us,  and easy nearby parking makes this a perfect choice for many of my families.  The downside?  Midday can be a bit bright on sunny days.  Our meeting spot is at the bottom of the steps of the back of the Art Gallery directly across from Hoyt Lake.

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The next location also has easy access and plentiful parking.  Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park is a beautiful setting with lots of greenery.  Willow trees, a tunnel, a small winding path through a forest are all highlights of this locale.  During the Fall season the leaves change into brilliant colors of yellow, red, and orange.  The downsides?  It can get muddy, drum circles appear out of nowhere and some pet owners have their dogs off leash.   Our meeting spot for this location is at Hoyt Lake across the street from the Albright Knox steps at the end of the cross walk.Delaware Park Family Photographererin f photography-3 Delaware Park Family Photographererin f photography-2 Delaware Park Family Photographererin f photography-2-2 Delaware Park Family Photographererin f photography

Tifft Nature Preserve.  Now this is unique and interesting for variety of more whimsical shots.  Rolling fields of green grass in early spring provide a location that now one can compete with.  The mowed paths lure children to run and play up and down the fun hills.  If you’d like we can also wander into the wooded area for shade and a different type of adventure.  The downside?  It can be muddy, the wind is always a factor since it is right next to Lake Erie, the fields are beautiful but there is not much shade so timing for your session must be either earlier in the morning or later in the day.  Also, it is a walk so please be prepared with appropriate footwear.  The meeting place for this location is in the parking lot.


Tifft Nature Preseve Family Photographererin f photography Tifft Nature Preseve Family Photographererin f photography-4 Tifft Nature Preseve Family Photographererin f photography-3 Tifft Nature Preseve Family Photographererin f photography-2

The Historical Society and Japanese Gardens are another favorite location for Buffalo photographers.   Large, old trees provide shade for most of the day in spots along the scenic lake.  A series of stone steps surrounded by some blooming flowers can make this a fun spring location.  Since there is a brick path we can get some greenery into your photos without the fear of mud clumping onto the bottoms of everyone’s shoes.  Stone benches and weeping willows surround the lake and can give your photos a rich, refined look.  Parking is easy peasy and our meeting spot is right there in the parking lot for the Buffalo Historical Society. 20 10 43

The Cobblestone District is a unique and interesting photographic adventure.  This is great for families or high school seniors looking for something unique.  Interesting doorways, textured brick walls, stairwells, cobbllstone streets, dusty alleyways are all part of the adventure.  Every time I shoot at this location I find something new to work with.  I’ve found that even my families I’m photographing get creative when we’re at this locale.  It is easy to access and we can book a session there at any time of day.  Our meeting spot is in front of Lagerhouse 95- Please be aware that there is construction around the area and detours are plentiful right now.

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Next, I’ll take you to my favorite spot in the world, Bay Beach.  Located in in Crystal Beach area both the Buffalo Yacht Club, and Buffalo Canoe Club have amazing potential for the perfect family photo session.  Green trees, sandy beaches, a picturesque lake, a lighthouse, docks, a boat house, fields of wavy grass are all part of the scene.  I love working with children and families at the beach because it is a natural playground for all ages.  Who doesn’t love splashing in the waves and digging their toes in the sand?  The downside?  Wind and sun can be a factor in every photo shoot.  Evening or early mornings are best during those bright summer days.

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I have the opportunity to photograph so many wonderfully bright students.  Unique senior portraits have become increasingly popular in Western New York over the past few years.  Many of the campuses in Buffalo can provide an amazing backdrop for your perfect senior photo.  In this case Nichols School provided a great variety of structure and nature to get some amazing shots.

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