This was one of those Indian Summer days in Buffalo.  You know, one of those days that the sun is out, it is September and 70 degrees.  Everyone in the city is out for a walk after work.  Birds are chirping.  Dogs are panting.  Everyone is happy!  We met up at Delaware Park but it was so windy we decided to shoot most of the session behind the protective walls of Albright Knox.  The three girls were ready for the shoot- so adorable and ready to smile.  I loved that everyone arrived with no stress.  That is tough to do when you’re trying to get three girls and a husband out the door in the morning!  There were so many great photos it was hard for me to pick my favorites for this post.  I think you’ll appreciate the few that I was able to narrow down.  Enjoy the slideshow!

Best, Erin

PS: Can you tell which one was in charge?  Check out the 6th photo down.  Ha ha !  Love it!

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One of the first questions I usually get before a photo session is, ‘What do we wear?’  This is such a tough question for me to answer.  Some people like to match, some like to look formal (you probably shouldn’t hire me if this is you), some people like casual, creative, some are planned out enough that they would like the color scheme in the clothing to match the living room where the photos will be displayed.   This family (mom) did an amazing job with coordinating everyone’s outfits!  I love the handmade style of the girls’ dresses.  The dresses were long enough so that they could sit, run and play without worry.  She was even able to coordinate her mom’s outfit into the shoot.  So everyone take note- this made the session fun for all of us!


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