Hey seniors!!! So you want to look your best in your senior photos, but don’t know what to wear to make that happen?? Well maybe these tips can help you out.

*First of all you are young so embrace that and don’t try to look too much older than you are. Also be yourself you want these photos to still look like you and not someone else.

*Advice for all on colors is that bright colors work best. This will help the photos to look fun and cheery. Yet if you are planning on wanting some black and white photos, then you might want to avoid red. It tends to look kind of muddy in black and white.

*Dark washed jeans are a great choice for pants. They will look great with different tops and on guys and girls of different figures.


*Remember accessories can be our best friends. Hats, jewelry and scarves can all be easy wardrobe changes as well as show off your personality. For girls the multi bracelet look is a youthful look as well as very trendy!

*Don’t forget your body! Everybody has his or her own body and that shouldn’t be forgotten. With that you need to make sure you are wearing clothes that accent or hide different parts of your body. For girls that don’t want to show off their waists as much the shirt bellow is perfect. It brings the eye to the side then the neckline brings the focus back to the face.

*With remembering your body figure you must also remember your bodies different colors. This means your eye, skin and hair color. You want the color that you’re wearing to enhance your features. Such as blues and greens will make eyes of those shades pop more. In the photo below you can see the brown scarf is making her brown eyes pop more. If you have fare skin you want to avoid colors that will wash you out such as tans, grays, or whites. Hair color is a big factor as well such as red hair isn’t the best with red clothes. These are all things to keep in mind.

*Flowy clothing is very in right now, but it should be done careful when it comes to photography. The reason for this is the last thing any teen wants is to look bigger then they are. So when wearing flowy make sure that in some way you can still see the shape of your body. An example below shows this by the white tank underneath and the shirt you can see through.

*For the girls, be carful of anything to short. That means dresses, skirts or shorts. You have to remember even though you are young these also much be modest after all your grandparents might want some to hang in their homes.

*Mom vs. your look. Now most teens have their own look and sometimes moms have a look for us too. This can cause a fight if not handled right. These photos are for you but also for your family so some compromising will have to be done with the parents on what to wear.

These tips I hope can help you when picking out what to wear for those important senior photographs. Just remember to have fun with it and enjoy your self!