This one of the funniest newborn photo sessions of all time for me.  Not so much the session itself but the editing afterward.   Here’s the scenario, pictured below is newly ordained big brother Parker.  He is always a breeze to photograph.  ( If you want to get technical I’ve been photographing him since he was  minus four weeks old during our first maternity session.)  He was great.  Look at the amazing eyelashes too!  I’m sure his parents have been talking to him about sharing with his new baby brother.   Sharing toys, sharing mommy time and daddy time.  Some children ease into having a new sibling around and others just dive right in.  Well, Parker at first was a bit stand offish with the new little package but by the end of this shoot he was into sharing.  Just like mom and dad taught him.  The part that had me laughing was that he was sharing a cookie and spent the last portion of our photo session trying to feed the little guy a Girl Scout cookie.  They did say share, right?!  Well the cookie never made it into the baby’s mouth (of course we were all right there monitoring the situation) but the round chocolate mint treat did make it into EVERY sibling photo I had with them.  LOVE IT!!!   It totally cracked me up!  At one point I think I had to air brush off a speck of black cookie from the baby’s cheek.  Ha! Ha!   Check out the last image on the post to see just one of the photos-



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