As I was editing these images snowflakes started flying outside.  Not exactly what you want to see out your window in spring.  I expect daffodils to be in bloom, birds to be chirping and a blue sky up above.  Not the case in Buffalo.  Anyway, looking at this adorable owl onesie got me thinking.  Do they make that in an adult size?  I’d totally buy one.  Probably wouldn’t look as cute as this little one but I’d be as comfy cozy as can be in it.  And a warm Erin is a happy Erin.

So about this shoot…  This was a home studio photo session.  I don’t do a ton of work here at my home studio but for babies who don’t move yet it is perfect.  It has wonderful natural light, a relaxing couch for moms and dads to watch and I also boast a strong cup of coffee for all guests.  We had a few changes of outfits, my favorite accessory was the crochet hat with a pink flower.  A special hand made pink blanket from great- grandma.  Love the texture!  One thing that this beautiful little baby has that can’t be bought is a perfect mom.  So fun to meet you both (again)!  Looking forward to watching her grow.

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PS: ALMOST forgot to mention the PERFECT baby lips!  So gorgeous.



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