Have you ever wondered what makes people happy?  Have you ever thought about what makes people laugh?  These are two topics I am CONSTANTLY mulling around in my brain. Especially when I’m on my way to a family photo session.   When I met up with this family these were the things I was thinking about.  How do I get a 1 year old girl to laugh for a photo session?  Will Mom and Dad think I’m funny?  Well… I didn’t have a hard time at all!  First, we had an assistant to make the little one giggle.  She was great!  She brought the little one’s favorite toys, made goofy noises and played peek a boo behind me.  I think it even worked for Mom and Dad.   Secondly, this is just a happy family.  I mean look at them, they are all so HAPPY!

Enjoy the photos!


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1 8 10 18-2 20 26 29 35 56 68 69 46This family photo session was held in Buffalo, NY.  We visited Delaware Park and Albright Knox


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