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It isn’t very often I get to photograph giant groups.  I tend to be more of an immediate family kinda photographer.  In this case Carol of Carol Schaper Interiors called me a few months in advance to set up a large group session.  She had a great gathering planned and all the family was to be in town!  To make it easy we set up the session to be at her home.  Carol started giving me her home address and my heart skipped a beat.  It was where my cousin had grown up!  Carol and my aunt, uncle and cousin were neighbors in this amazing little community in Hamburg.  The two sides of the parkway were divided by a huge grassy median.  My cousin and I played so many games out there, soccer, football, freeze tag. I was always so jealous that my cousin had this in his backyard.  Plus there were tons of kids in the neighborhood just waiting to come out and play.  Carol mentioned that her girls were about my age.  Yup, I’m pretty sure they jumped into a game of tag or two.  Not at all like Elma where my nearest playmate was 2 miles away.

The day of our shoot finally came and I was so excited!  I arrived and everyone looked camera-ready.  Yippee!!  We did some pics around the grassy median and then headed to the beach for some more candid-lifestyle shots.  All in all it was so great re-visitng the area and getting to know a family I probably played freeze tag (or was it TV tag) with 25 years ago.



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