13GG_Seniorportraits_web_erin f photographyI’m embarrassed to say that when I met up with Grace I had no idea that she had been coaching my little guy Eli in tennis all summer.  All I know is that Eli went off to camp every morning with a smile on his face and racket in hand.  What mother doesn’t love that!?  When Grace told me she had been his coach I pictured is his big grin at the beginning and the end of the day.   I guess the long in the short of it is that Grace is a great tennis player with lots of good vibes.

For her senior portraits we explored the beach and snuck onto one of the last standing fields- this drought has been tough on all of us.  We spend the evening cruising around in my new mini-van discovering new venues to shoot senior portraits.  I wish I could say that I have one favorite spot but the fact of the matter is that each guy or gal that I photograph is different and deserves to have their own unique photos for their senior year.   Thanks to Grace and her good vibes we caught some fabulous moments for her senior photos!!  Enjoy!

3GG_Seniorportraits_web_erin f photography 12GG_Seniorportraits_web_erin f photography 41GG_Seniorportraits_web_erin f photography 59GG_Seniorportraits_web_erin f photography


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