A few years ago I wrote about a few of my kids’ favorite gifts of all time. (see this post for 8 year old boy) (see this post for 7 year old) Now that they are both getting older I have another piece to add to the puzzle. In these times I’d love to move my kids away from screens but it seems somehow impossible so for a few more months I’m just going to dig in and let them explore the world that technology has to offer. My 11 year old loves art. She learned to sew with Arlene from Fashion Lab. She created paper art with WNY Book Art, she created a weird creepy doll with Locust St. All of her hands on learning has also led her to explore different drawing and art apps. There are a ton of bad ones out there but one we have both totally fallen in LOVE with is Procreate. If your are familiar with the Adobe line of products it is a user/child friendly version of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop all in one platform. It is easy and intuitive. I’m posting this now but I’ll update it as soon as Tess shares some of her work with me!

Of course if your child is interested in photography I’m running some photography classes for teens and tween and even younger January of 2021. Space is limited and if you’re reading this after 1/21 please shoot me and email and we’ll see if there is another class forming!


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