A few months back I wrote about my daughter Tessa’s experience with sewing and fashion designing at Fashion Lab.  Over the past year Owner/ Founder Arlene Kaye  of Fashion Lab and I have stayed in touch in hopes of a future collaboration.  Well it finally happened!  A few weeks ago brought in a bunch of my photography equipment to Fashion Lab’s last camp for August 2018.  We had 2 DSLR’s, off camera flashes, continuous light, and the campers had a TON of fun!   This was a child-led photo shoot.  Each child was able to play each role in creating an image.  We split into groups of 3-4 children.  One girl was a ‘model’ one was the ‘photographer’ one was the lighting specialist and one consulted on posing.  Here’s a peek at what they created!   Parents, a link to the images can be found here please use the password I provided in the email.


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