Hello all!  How was your 4th?  I spent the day at the beach with my family and friends.  We snuggled up next to a bonfire, dug our toes in the sand and watch the firework display over Lake Erie.   Eli fell asleep in my lap after about 10 minutes, Tessa held on through the entire show.

Now I know everyone is tired, sleepy, and recovering after a long weekend but I don’t want you to miss an exciting moment for Erin F Photography.  **Monday morning on NBC’s Channel 2** the beloved meteorologist Andy Parker will return to work.  He and his wife recently had a baby girl.  As always, Andy loves to share pictures of his family and guess who was given the honor of photographing his little bundle of joy?  Yup, it was me!  She was amazing and adorable and smiled more than any other newborn I’ve met.  I won’t spoil the surprise…

Monday July, 8 be sure to watch Andy Parker’s weather reports on Channel 2-  They’ll also be posting to Channel 2’s Facebook Page so go ahead and give me some love over there too!

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Since 2010 Erin Feuerstein has been known for her high level of taste and professionalism as a photographer in Buffalo, NY. She is recognized as one of the top food photographers in Buffalo and is a sought after lifestyle/ family photographer. She enjoys working with brands to elevate their potential earnings through better photography. Erin is easy to work with and is comfortable working in both on-location or in studio. 716-573-3311