Part II of the Ellicottville wedding… portraits of the bride and groom.  As you may have guessed from my previous post the thunderstorms missed Ellicottville completely.  No tornado. No hail or crazy weather.  We ended up having a super cloudy day rain free until the very end when all of the wedding party and guests were safely tucked under a tent with beers in hand.  Every photographer loves shooting beautiful people.  What made this shoot even better?  These two lovebirds were so natural together.  The four of us (including my second shooter Kevin) jumped into the mighty Subaru and cruised up to the top of Holiday Valley where we found a field with flowers conveniently the same color as the groom’s tie, a tall pine forest, and some uninhabited cabins.  Shelley and Dennis were amazing to photograph.  They were willing to do anything, go anywhere and just focus on each other and their wedding day.  Their happiness totally shows though in these images.  Don’t you think?


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02_spruce_151_web_erin-f-photography 02_spruce_157_web_erin-f-photography 02_spruce_169_web_erin-f-photography 02_spruce_178_web_erin-f-photography


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