As a child with a winter birthday my mother gave me three options:  bowling lane, sledding party, or rollerskating.  I’ve done all three.  The bowling party came with a pin painted as a clown that I could take home. The sledding party was guaranteed a snow man cake topped with coconut flakes. Rollerskating, well, we all loved doing the Hokey Pokey on skates, right?!   This winter birthday party theme was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  This is NOTHING compared to the celebrations that I was offered back in the day!  Every detail, color coordinating candy table, Drink Me stripey swirly straws, mis-matched unique tea settings for each guest.
Now, for the guest list…  All of the children arrived in costume!  As a creative parent of two this is a dream come true.   The guests included the Queen of Hearts (or several of them), the Cheshire Cat smiling wide, a few White Rabbits and a real live Mad Hatter to entertain and organize the crowd of 20+ children.  The Mad Hatter was amazing!  He was at least 6’4″ and had a hat that put him above 7″ tall, he led the children in musical chairs, a teapot party and ended the day with a performance of the Jabberwocky poem.

I don’t usually photograph children’s birthday parties but when Melissa contacted me it was tough to say anything but yes!  Check out the photographs from the party- don’t you want to have a winter birthday now?  As a children and family photographer this was a dream come true.  Lots of light, lots of color, tons of detail and a wonderful group of children who were more than thrilled to have their photos taken in costume!   This event is inspiring me to do some themed mini-sessions… gotta put my thinking cap on for this one!   A huge thanks to  Kelly at The Scarlett Agency child party and event planner for all of the fine details and planning.

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Since 2010 Erin Feuerstein has been known for her high level of taste and professionalism as a photographer in Buffalo, NY. She is recognized as one of the top food photographers in Buffalo and is a sought after lifestyle/ family photographer. She enjoys working with brands to elevate their potential earnings through better photography. Erin is easy to work with and is comfortable working in both on-location or in studio. 716-573-3311