344-SBHello *new* moms.  I bet you never thought in a million years you’d be up for your first commercial photo shoot right after giving birth but, here you are reading about how to do it.  So if you are a nursing mom of a 2-8 month old baby have at it and apply!! Go ahead, BE A STAR!!!!

The mother will be required for two dates.  I am not sure about how much time each of these will take.  Mothers will be paid for their time on BOTH days.  More details will follow if you are selected.

Wardrobe Fitting – Oct. 15
Shoot Day – Oct. 16

“We are looking to recruit an attractive mother and her 2-8 month old baby.  Mom will be wearing the client’s wardrobe in shoot. We will also be showing the mother nursing her baby but not showing her breast. If you go to the  website (Milk Nursingwear) you can see photos of mothers with babies on the client’s current website.”   The images are all tastefully done in my opinion.  AND the clothes are cute, cute, cute I wish I would’ve found these when I was a nursing mother!!!

If you are interested in applying please send an email with the following information:

To: mjstylist@gmail.com, erin@erinfphotography.comNewborn photos Buffalo, NY

Subject: Mother and baby casting erin f photography

Recent photo(s) of you and your child (please keep in mind this shoot is more about you than the babe)
Baby’s age:
Your phone number:

As you know this is a paid position, as in you get paid.  Want to know more about the job?  This is a commercial produced from past casting calls…. Buffalo Babies Thank You Commercial   Recognize anyone?!!   Thank you for your time and good luck!!


mother and daugher



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