Hey y’all!  Hope you’re enjoying this summer as much as I am.  This week I got a call from my friend Trish at Bulldog Productions.  Every once in a while she’ll call me when she’s looking for a few fresh faces to get involved in the production of local commercials.  In the past we’ve cast moms, expecting moms, moms of twins, couples, etc.  You never know what she’ll need next….

These are PAID POSITIONS.  Yeah, who doesn’t need a little extra cash??  There are a few different sets of people we’re looking for this time.  A couple 50-60ish, a grandfather / grandmother and their granddaughter aged 3-5 years old.   Here are the details from Trish:


“TV commercial for one of our well respected Hospitals .

1st scene :
Couple 50 ‘s to 60’s leaving the hospital .

2 nd scene :
Grandfather 60-ish & Granddaughter 3 years to 5 years 

I was hoping to get lucky & cast a real grandpa & granddaughter . That way she would be more open to
Sitting on his lap , giving him  a hug etc…

We will also be casting a grandmother to be in the background .

Our proposed shoot dates are August 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 .

We will need the talent for just ONE of those days for 
3 to 4 hours . “


Interested? Submission to be sent by 7/31  to:


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