buffalo candid childrens photographer natural family photographer williamsville beach photos children canoe club buffalo photograph famiy photographer buffalo canoe club This past August, I got a call from the mother of this little guy wanting to do a photo session near the Buffalo Canoe Club.  Since beach photo shoots are ALWAYS my favorite I was jumping out of my seat all day waiting for this one to happen.  As a mother of a three year old boy I am constantly reminded how much all little boys love boats, trucks and the word ‘poop’.  (Ok, ‘poop’ kinda cracks me up…sometimes)  This photo session included a boat, messy sand, candy, two trucks, splashing water and a wonderful family.  Don’t worry, no poop.  : )   The two cousins played for about an hour while I photographed mostly candid shots.  The time came and we wanted to get some less candid photographs.  We were looking for some more formal shots of them together- you know the one where they are looking at the camera and smiling… at the same time… sorta close to one another…. and the boys wanted nothing to do with sitting still.  I mean, can you blame them?  Look at all of the fun props we had for our photo session!  And we were on the beach, who wants to sit next to their cousin and smile when there are BOATS out there to play with.  I did get the shot…  and it is one of my favorite pictures.  I’ll post it later this week- so stay tuned!


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