As some of you may know my brother, Jonathan, and sister in law, Jessica were expecting their first child to be born in February of this year.  Hudson Joseph Sowinski arrived very early and survived only a few days in the Sister’s Hospital NICU.  Here is their story.


We got the news of our little bundle of joy to be in Spring 2011.  This was our first child on the way and we were thrilled.  It had been a wonderful pregnancy.  We learned we were having a boy.  We just started to feel our little man kicking and stretching, and I’m certain there was a little dancing any time we were in the car with the tunes turned up.
It was a minor concern of cramps on a Monday morning/afternoon in mid-October that had us in the hospital for a checkup that evening.  Perhaps it was all the wooing from the Bills/Giants game that prior Sunday (Giants 27/Bills 24).  Nevertheless, it seemed like a petty precaution and we expected to be sent home with advice from the nurses to “take a day off and keep your feet up”.
No.  It was just the opposite in fact.   My cervix was dilated and there was no turning back.   They could not tell us why.  The shock, the scare, the concern, the confusion….  There is no way to describe it.  Here we were and we knew we were not leaving until our baby boy was born.  We prepared to be there for months as they tried to slow down the birth, but they succeeded only a couple of days.
October 19, 2011 at 5:03 p.m. our darling Hudson Joseph Sowinski made his early entrance into our world weighing in at a mighty 1.6oz and 11 ½ inches long.  Because of his lesser gestation at only 24-weeks, we had a crew of what seemed like 20-people in the delivery room ready to help Hudson and give him what he needed.  We heard a tiny cry, caught a quick peak and then he was taken out of the room.  It was traumatic.  How can this happen and how is he going to be?  We were happy.  We were sad.  And we were worried.  It was a difficult role as parents, but we were ready to take this head-on, for Hudson.
Hudson’s new home was Pod E of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Sister’s of Charity Hospital in Buffalo, New York.  It was made clear to us that we could not have been in a better place for our situation.
They made it wonderfully cozy and Hudson seemed as comfortable as he could be.    We felt as confident as any two parents could ever feel as we watched from his side all his vitals and progressions.  We knew this would be a roller coaster and the staff never once sugarcoated it.   There would be constant and ever changing developments for better or for worse, but boy was he becoming a little superstar and handsome at that.
Hudson was doing great and we had this amazing adrenalin rush to keep pushing and doing anything we could for him.   We would visit in the afternoon and then again at night to read him a bedtime story and say goodnight.
As it turned out, I guess you can say we had a bit of a “honeymoon period”.
In a week’s time, just as we seemed to have gotten through the fog of the situation and figured out somewhat of a routine, Hudson had some trouble.  This was going to be a little bit bigger of a bump in the road than anyone wanted for our little “micro-machine” or that he was ready for.
It was the hardest thing to have to go through.   This loss is in a league of its own.
Having had Hudson in our lives, even for such a short time, is the most riveting occurrence to which we are so unimaginably grateful for.   We do not remember his trouble or our tears.  We remember only that Hudson is our heart and our soul and he is with us in a remarkable way now.   Hudson is our constant inspiration to be happy, to be in love, to be grateful and to give.   He has changed us in ways nothing else could come close to doing and for that we are so thankful and at peace.

The staff at Sister’s Hospital NICU have helped us, and many others like us, in ways you could never imagine.  Thank you so much for all of your support for this group.  Your donation to the program will help them to to provide the best possible care to the infants and parents who need them the most.


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