Not sure if I’m more in love with the chubby baby cheeks or the rolls of back wrinkles on this little guy.  Or maybe it is these bright blue eyes?  Sweet simplicity.

This newborn session brought me back to the first days of parenthood. Can’t believe that it was six years ago!  I met up with John (who I’ve known for far too long) and Jen at their home right around the corner from my house.  (Small cheer for short commutes!) The little guy was only a few days old for his first photo shoot.  Grandma was in town from Vermont sharing in the parenting duties and she was the pinch hitter for the photographer’s assistant too.  (Small cheer for visiting grandmas!)   We spent about an hour or so together just wandering from room to room and photographing everyone in their most comfortable spaces.  Love the intimacy of this session.  Don’t you?
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