Check out the blue eyes on these little ones- wowza!

I loved working with this family, everyone arrived relaxed and ready to play.  Smiles were on an outfits were coordinated.  In typical 1 year old form the little guy didn’t want to be constrained to any particular poses or orientations or spots or directions.  He is at an age that I refer to as Unbriabable.  He does what he does because that’s what he wants.   No amount of gum, stickers or money could get him to follow a bit of direction.  If he wanted to walk himself he was going to walk.  If he wanted to climb the stairs he was going to climb.  Totally normal at his age but at the same time I (selfishly) needed to get a few good shots of him with the family.   We had to rely on his amazing big sis to help.  She was ready and willing to move, scooch and smile so that we could capture a few moments of fun with the two kiddos together.  Fortunately, she was bribable.  He he he!  I hope you love the photos as much as I do!


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Wondering about the title of this post?  Check out our session from just about a year ago.  Same cute kids, same beautiful blue eyes, same amazing parents.


This family session was photographed in Delaware Park.


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