When did number five happen?  This session was fun and action packed. With this warm autumn we’ve been having there wasn’t a SINGLE leaf changing color when we did this session two weeks ago.  Even now with a little bit of a cold spell coming through Buffalo we still don’t have any real color on the leaves.  Other than green that is.  So instead of the traditional photo session in Delaware Park we opted for a more industrial look.  It was fun for the kids to run around and play in a space usually reserved for delivery trucks.  I love how all of the focus is on the family and their connection and their personalities.  This is the 3rd?  4th?  time I’ve been able to photograph the family and they get more and more beautiful (and numerous) every time I see them.  Many thanks for a fabulous session!   Looking forward to number 6, or maybe 5 is just enough.  : )

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Since 2010 Erin Feuerstein has been known for her high level of taste and professionalism as a photographer in Buffalo, NY. She is recognized as one of the top food photographers in Buffalo and is a sought after lifestyle/ family photographer. She enjoys working with brands to elevate their potential earnings through better photography. Erin is easy to work with and is comfortable working in both on-location or in studio. 716-573-3311