Meet my family!  Tessa, Eli and my love-y dove-y husband, Mike.

Hello – it is Erin.  So this is the part where I tell you all about myself.  Humm, this part is more difficult that I thought.  Hope you find it interested and sorry if I ramble on about myself.  But after all, this is the ‘about me’ page, right?

I grew up in Elma, NY not too far from Buffalo.  Went to school at Alfred University but not for photography.  You’ll never guess what my major was so I’ll just go ahead and tell you–> ceramic engineering.  *GeeK*  I worked my way through school by teaching snowboarding at Holiday Valley, tutoring calculus and mentoring incoming freshman.  I also found that I loved to travel and that is when I really started to love photography.  My next job was at a surface analysis laboratory in Copenhagen.  Yup, I landed a research job in Denmark- how fun is that?!  I had what I thought was the most amazing camera, it was just a point and shoot film Canon something or another.  Trust me when I say hundreds of dollars were invested in film development that year.  Do you remember waiting for your pictures to be ready?  It took about a week or so but man, it was worth the wait!  There are pictures hanging in my stairwell from my travels.  I love looking at them as I pass them every morning. 

Skip ahead a few jobs and a few major life events later.  Now I am a happy mother of two beautiful, smart, funny children.  I started this business when my youngest was born and have never looked back.  


My favorite part of the job?  After my photo sessions my cheeks hurt from smiling, my mouth is dry from laughing and my legs are sore from squatting, running, jumping and climbing just so I can get that perfect shot.



Since 2010 Erin Feuerstein has been known for her high level of taste and professionalism as a photographer in Buffalo, NY. She is recognized as one of the top food photographers in Buffalo and is a sought after lifestyle/ family photographer. She enjoys working with brands to elevate their potential earnings through better photography. Erin is easy to work with and is comfortable working in both on-location or in studio. 716-573-3311