Hi, hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Every once in a while I like to share a story about what goes on in my life outside of work.  So I have a 1 and a 2 year old… most of you know that by now.  Some nights, our 2 year old isn’t exactly what you’d call cooperative when it is time for bed.    She is clever in her tricks to get us to delay bedtime.  One of the latest routines started this summer.  We’d put the little one to bed.  About 15 minutes later we’d here ‘Moooooommmmmmeeeeeeee, I’m thirsty’  her voice would get louder and increase in intensity as time went on.  In an effort to keep the one year old alseep in the next room we’d give her a cup of water.  15 minutes later-  ‘Moooooooommmmmeeeeee’ she’d yell, ‘I’m not tired!’  then ‘I’m awake!’ would come next.  Lately she’s gotten a bit more creative with her commentary.   Last night it continued with ‘Mommy I have a booger and I need a tissue.’  then finally ended with ‘Mommy I have a hair in my mouth!’  at 10 PM.   Really, where does she come up with this stuff?!

On another note, our upcoming sessions include a 9 month old, 6 month old, newborn, family and then 3 more newborn photo sessions!  I’ll keep you posted with all of the great images that come out of these sessions!




Since 2010 Erin Feuerstein has been known for her high level of taste and professionalism as a photographer in Buffalo, NY. She is recognized as one of the top food photographers in Buffalo and is a sought after lifestyle/ family photographer. She enjoys working with brands to elevate their potential earnings through better photography. Erin is easy to work with and is comfortable working in both on-location or in studio. 716-573-3311